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     The Clinical Ethics Consultancy, LLC was founded in 2008 with a commitment to providing expert training, consultation, and continuing education for clinical ethics committee members, health care professionals and their institutions, and for the general public. Our Principal Members and faculty represent an array of health care and allied professionals, all with considerable experience as members of clinical ethics committees, as ethics consultors, and as teachers, trainers and mentors for clinical ethics practitioners.

     The Clinical Ethics Consultancy reaches out to hospitals, long term care facilities, physician practices, and other health care and community organizations throughout the Rocky Mountain region, offering professional training programs and presentations designed to better equip these constituencies for critical reckoning with the many complex ethical issues arising in health care today. Our programs are specifically designed to help hospitals and practitioners meet Joint Commission and other regulatory and professional guidelines, as well as to enhance ethical reasoning and perspective.

     Our members have offered ethics training in a number of Colorado hospitals with very positive results. These are fine programs that can help bridge the gaps in knowledge and skills regarding clinical ethics. Our website pages describe in detail several of our foundational Workshops and our Apprenticeship Program for Ethics Consultants. In addition, please review our list of available Topical Presentations, ranging from one to two hours. We are happy to discuss presentations or workshops of special topics tailored to the institution's particular needs. Any of our workshops or presentations can be arranged as CME's or for other professional credits.

     We offer expert ethics consultation to hospitals and providers on a negotiated fee or retainer basis, allowing the clinical team access to our expertise for particular clinical cases on a 24-hour basis. We also offer guidance for the development, critical review, and updating of the ethics-relevant sections of the hospital's clinical policies and protocols.

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